Pimp Strong And Prosper

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It does not matter which frontier you are boldly going to.

It doesn't matter what new life or new civilizations you seek out.
It is illogical for you to trek thru the stars, in your fly Vulcan Caddy, straight up warping by all the Andorians, Romulans and Klingons. You got to let them see you. They have to get so jealous, they turn as green as that blood pumping thru your veins.

Drop that thing down to impulse power and swing by their homeworlds. let them see what it looks like to be the humanoid that rules Alpha Quadrant and who controls the Beta. That's right Captain, you lock all your phasers and photon Torpedos on their capital city and creep on thru their galaxies. History will never forget the name of your ship. It's your time to "Pimp Strong and Prosper." 
This statement of power and authority is a heavy cotton tee has the classic cotton look and feel. It is an instant favorite in replicators all over the Federation.
Runs true to size


Classic fit
100% Cotton
Light fabric
Tear away label